Candle rustic grey

Candle rustic grey
Candle rustic grey Candle rustic grey
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Candle rustic H10 / D.7cm grey

Candle rustic H15 / D.7cm grey

Candle rustic H7 / D.10cm grey

Candle rustic H15 / D.10cm grey

Candle rustic grey

Dutz delivers 100% paraffin candles, hand-made and available in four sizes and 1 one 3 wick candle:
Candle D7 H10 45 burning hours
Candle D7 H15 60 burning hours
Candle D10 H7 40 burning hours
Candle D10 H15 120 burning hours
Candle D24 H12 100 burning hours - This candle has 3 wicks

Tip: candles should not be blown out; it is best to dip the wick into the liquid wax and then bend it back upright. When first lighting candles they should always burn long enough to liquefy the candle plate, as this improves the burning of the complete candle body. The bigger and wider the candle, the more important this is.